Transforming the Mac vs PC debate

5 thoughts on “Transforming the Mac vs PC debate

  1. The dialogue/acting at the beginning of video 1 was pretty weak. : / Considering the title, they could probably get away with 2-3 lines.

    ‘Too many Humans’ seems to be a rather common problem with movies of this type (no spoiler here!)

    The rest of the movie made up for it though.

    Unfortunately, my end of the InterTubes is broken (and I’m sleepy), so I can’t comment on the other one at this time. :(

  2. Finally watched the second one as well.

    As far as commercials with characters in them, I prefer this one for the, uh, change of pace at 0:48

    (oh and it works better as an embedded video or try not to read the title)

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