Train Table 2.0

So a couple of weeks ago I realized (again) that there are just certain limitations to the track layout options for Corbin’s wooden trains. He has enough pieces to make all sorts of designs but there are only so many ways you can make straight and curved pieces fit together on the train table. We got bridges, trestles and even the ability to make a spiral, corkscrew kind of thing. So I decided it was time to expand.

And expand I did.

Since I couldn’t afford to pay retail, I did the only thing I could – I tuned to Craigslist. And I wasn’t disappointed, well, not entirely.

So here’s what I found. The Imaginarium Sound & Light Railroad Train Table – that’s right, I said train table.

But archshrk, don’t you already have a train table?” you ask.

Why yes, yes I do” I reply.

How many train tables does one kid need?” you continue

And so on, and so on. But here’s the deal. I picked up this table, complete with train set and all accessories (minus the motorized engine) for a really good price. A really good price. So good in fact that I was able to re-sell the train table by itself for the same price I got everything. Yup, the train set was free.

And what a cool train set it is. It has segments of track that make various sounds when the train passes over them (tiny buttons in the track grooves), an elevator for various wooden cars (included), a boat, helicopter and plane, as well as several train cars, a working crane (similar to the one he already has) and misc accessories to create a city (buildings, street signs and lights, and of course – trees) This train set has everything I could want – except the one thing I wanted.

This set has zero switch tracks. Switch tracks are those Y-shaped track pieces that allow you to split one track into two tracks which can add diversity to any layout without adding too many track pieces. I also wanted a couple adapter pieces that allow you to connect two male ends or two female ends (comes in handy with some layouts).

So the hunt is still on for these pieces but if you’re feeling generous, you’re more than welcome to get the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway – Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack. Corbin would really appreciate it.

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