Trackback for beginners

I’ve been blooging for over a year now and still don’t get Trackbacks, that is, until now. Raydr’s Weblog does the most basic, beginner-friendly explaination of trackbacks I’ve seen.

A trackback is your blog’s way of letting ANOTHER blog know that you wrote about them.

For example, I’m going to refer you to another site that explains more about blogs:

BlogiZm (Raydr’s Weblog) is going to let that site know that I wrote about it. In turn, that site is going to put a note at the bottom of THEIR blog saying that I wrote about them – with a link to this post!

Kind of cool, huh?

learn more!

Why you would use trackbacks is more complicated but I assume that part of it is that not everyone tracks their visitors like I do or have so many that they can’t manually update this info. At any rate, if you have trackback as part of your blog, and you link to, write about, or just think it relates, add the trackback link to your post.

P.S. I’m still learning the ropes so I may make mistakes. Sorry if I flooded anybody’s post with trackbacks.