To Whom Do We Preach pt1

It’s been a while but I have a good reason…I suck at writing. But more than that, I couldn’t make it July 1st so I didn’t have anything to say. After that, I just wasn’t inspired to share anything. That sometimes happens, but I should probably write anyway lest I let it become a habbit.So first, our friend from my last post was a big help the night that I missed. She was really in her element, again. I’m so glad we could offer her a way to do what she loves while she was in town visiting. She inspires each of us to keep going.Now two weeks ago, Venessa and her kids came back to town from NJ. She is sruggling with her own deamons (as we all are) and sometimes returning to the place where you’re surronded by temptations (drugs, alchohol, or even just plain laziness) you find it very difficult to change your life around. One of the reasons we have taken such an interest in Vanessa is that she sincerly wants to change her life and seems to be searching for Christ. She’s come to Kaleo a couple of times but is not consistent (yet). Many people start off sparatically when they first start going to church so I’m not worried about that but rather that we’re not the reason she doesn’t come (she depends on us to pick her up and take her home)So now we’re a little caught up, let’s get back on track…

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