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On Tuesday, I received my Application for Supplemental Examination packet and quickly filled out the application (and fee) and placed it in the mail. The tentative dates for the CSE are…

    May 19 – 20, 2008 Southern California
    July 21 – 22, 2008 Northern California
    September 22 -23, 2008 Southern California
    November 17 – 18, 2008 Northern California

Due to space limitations, candidates will be assigned on a first come-first served basis. When the capacity for each session is reached, candidates will be assigned to their second or third choice as indicated on their application. I signed up for the first three dates in that order.

The California Architects Board (CAB) offers the following tips to assist candidates in preparing for the California Supplemental Examination.

    * Keep the Board advised of your current address.
    * Submission of your CSE application.
    * Enclose the correct fee. The current CSE processing fee is $100
    * Verify the location of your exam site.
    * Study the Test Plan.
    * Thoroughly read the Candidate Brochure.
    * Use the CSE references.
    * Expect to be treated fairly.
    * Take advantage of the optional 20-minute review period.
    * A proctor will escort you to your exam room.
    * Try to relax during the California Supplemental Examination.
    * You will be asked approximately 28-35 questions during the California Supplemental Examination.
    * Ask panel members to repeat any questions when needed.
    * Some exam questions will ask you for a specific number of examples.
    * Answer questions in the order asked.
    * Expect panel members to keep the supplemental examination moving.
    * Each panel member makes an independent judgment on the competency of your responses on an individual score sheet. These score sheets are returned to the testing vendor for computer scoring. Therefore, no one at the administration has knowledge of your overall score on the supplemental examination.
    * Please do not interpret any casual facial expressions, nodding of heads, or casual comments the panel members make acknowledging that your response was heard as an indication of your performance on the examination.
    * Discussion of the content of the California Supplemental Examination is prohibited. You are not allowed to discuss the content of the exam or the project scenario documents before or after you have finished your examination with anyone other than CAB staff.

Source: CAB Tips

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  1. Please continue to keep us informed about this exciting aspect of your life!
    You have put a lot of time and passion into this and we want to see you succeed.

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