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June 10, 2011

Time has no meaning to me

As many of you know, wait, let me rephrase that – as both of my readers know, I am constantly trying to improve your internet marketing with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site to provide a better, faster, cleaner experience in Complete SEO form. Some practices are simply personal preference and some are carried over from earlier efforts. One area that I hadn’t changed was my permalink structure. Its pretty much been the same since day one and for good reason – fear of repeating myself.

For those not familiar with permalinks, they are simply the “pretty”, easy to read and understand web addresses used on every post or page. So rather than getting something impersonal (like a toaster or a number) you get the title as the page link (see above). The format I previously used was site name/year/month/post=title which was way better than site-name/?p=387 (the default). I chose this method so that if I ever wrote two articles with the same name, there wouldn’t be any conflict. Unfortunately, this makes my post look dated (no pun intended). The url (aka the link) would instantly give away how old a post was, making it appear less relevant -I’m irrelevant enough, I don’t need search engines helping me out.

As of today, I have stripped the dates from my urls and hope that doesn’t cause any issues. If you find something has gone wrong like getting redirected to the wrong post because of duplicate post titles, you can find the right post via the archives page.be sure and let me know if this happens so I can change one or more of the offending titles. Thanks.

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