Tight turn train track

Every now and then Corbin needs his track layout freshened up – Especially after Ben-zilla has rampage through.?So after taking down the dark space station which replaced the christmas tree I thought I’d try something different.

This is a compilation of several pieces of track and accessories from the various sets I’ve acquired. Enjoy

5 thoughts on “Tight turn train track

  1. “Whyyyyyy?” My nephew is in that phase too. Never a good enough answer that doesn’t have to be repeated.

    Agree with you on the track. I did find it a little odd that it’s compatible for cars too.

    1. I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but I find asking “why do you think” seems to stop process.

      As for the cars fitting, not all cars have narrow enough tires. And this one doesn’t really have the clearance for the track.

      1. I’ll have to try that question next time he’s over. :)

        Are there cars you can get for that set, or is it a *train* track first and foremost?

  2. but I find asking “why do you think” seems to stop process.

    Tried a few times. It stops *that* question, for about 20s. Then it’s a different question, then back to the first.

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