This Week: 10 FREE Kindles

Kindle-Love“> is celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary of their Amazon Wish Lists with 10 weeks of sweepstakes. To enter, simply create, add to, or edit a wishlist and then enter the current week’s sweepstakes (link at the top of your wishlist page).

This week is the Kindle Love Price which includes 10 Kindle Readers plus some reading material.

1. 9 Kindle Wireless Reading Devices (6″ Display, U.S. & International Wireless)
Keep one for yourself, and delight your friends and family with the rest of these Kindles, which allow you to think of a book and start reading it in less than a minute. One of the Kindles will come preloaded with 30 books and one-year subscriptions to the Kindle editions of The New York Times and The Economist (see below).

2. 9 Amazon Kindle Leather Covers
These stylish leather covers will cradle and protect your new Kindles.

3. 1 Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7″ Display, U.S. Wireless)
Its larger size makes it perfect for reading textbooks, graphs, maps, and PDF documents.

4. 1 Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover
This leather cover was designed to fit the Kindle DX.

5. Kindle Accessories Set
Includes additional covers by Cole Haan, Patagonia, and M-Edge; two lights; and an extra adapter.

6. 10 Fiction New Releases

One Kindle will come preloaded with 10 fiction new releases, including Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

7. 10 Nonfiction New Releases
The preloaded Kindle will also come with 10 nonfiction new releases, including Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run.

8. 10 Oprah’s Book Club? Picks

The preloaded Kindle will come with 10 Oprah’s Book Club? selections, including Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

9. One Year of the Kindle Edition of The New York Times
The preloaded Kindle will come with 12 months of daily delivery of the Kindle edition of The New York Times.

10. One Year of the Kindle Edition of The Economist
The preloaded Kindle will come with 12 months of weekly delivery of the Kindle edition of The Economist.

3 thoughts on “This Week: 10 FREE Kindles

  1. American only contest. Again. Much noise and fury, with some Americans looking very silly.

    One point they didn’t seem to touch on. All well and good for the .com site to be US 50 States only, but from I’ve seen, none of the other sites (.ca ever seem to run contests.

  2. I feel for those outside the US who are excluded from this or other sweepstakes. It sucks that they don’t even have their own (localized) sweepstakes to make up for it. I guess you’ll have to find a friend or relative in the states to enter on your behalf.

  3. It’s more the ‘lack of localized sweepstakes’ that gets me.

    Well that, and you can’t download MP3s off (from outside the states) or at all from .ca — works though. Actually, selection for most things is about 1/10th of the US site..

    It’s funny how they cite ‘confusing international sweepstakes laws’ — and in the same breath go on about the unique and obtuse tax laws the US has with them…

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