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One of the features which my visitors seem to really like is the Other Distractions I offer also known as “games that aren’t blocked at school”. One recent visitor commented that “it takes to long to just play these dom game”. Spelling aside, Francisco has a point. If you’ve ever played one of the Bloons Series of games, then you’d know that it takes quite some time to finish the game and there is no pause option.

That’s why I’ve added Guardian Rock by Armor Games. Not only is it an entertaining game with some real challenges, it also maintains your progress and each level is relatively short. So when you just want a quick game fix while you wait for class to start or you’re wanting to spend a couple of hours wasting your life away – now you can.

3 thoughts on “These Dom Games

  1. Sorry, there was an error in the file path. All better now. Also, make sure you create or use you Mochigames login so we can keep track of everybody’s score/ranking.

  2. “games that aren’t blocked at school”.


    1. a student who stays away from school without permission.
    2. a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty.


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