The Theoanthropos – a hypostatic union

Just wanted to give a heads-up/shout-out about a wonderfully fascinating conversation going on over at right now. The Theoanthropos – a hypostatic union | Blogogetics

Theos is Greek for God and anthropos is Greek for man so the theoanthropos is God-man, referring to Jesus Christ. Hypostatic means a state union between two substances, ousias, or natures in one unified person. The Westminster Confession describes the hypostatic union this way, ?The Redeemer of God?s elect is the Lord Jesus Christ, who being the eternal Son of God became man, and so was and continues to be God and man in two distinct natures and one person, forever.?

Following a thorough explanation of the concept of Jesus being both God and man, is an equally thorough discussion on sorts of issues from the inerrantcy of scripture to whether miracles still occur. I highly recommend taking some time to visit and read over the whole thing. And to make sure you don’t miss any more great articles or discussions, be sure to subscribe to posts and/or comments on (Available as an RSS feed or by email)

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