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March 21, 2007

The Skywalk was great!

I survived!

Got home late last night so no new posts or pictures online but look for them Wednesday night or so. Met lots of interesting people, learned lots of new stuff and saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Was it worth it? Yeah.
Is it scary? not really.
How much did it cost me? nothing
how much will it cost you? $74.99

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  • At 5:46 pm on March 21, 2007, Kristi commented:

    I’ve been away for awhile. How did you get it free? I know you’ve talked about this before but I’ve been too busy playing poker!!


  • At 8:00 pm on March 21, 2007, archshrk commented:

    The short version is that when this first started circulating the Internet, I wanted to find out if it was real. said it was but there wasn’t much info. So I looked around and eventually was added to a press release mailing list. They just started inviting us “media=types” to various events. This one I accepted.


  • At 5:53 am on March 22, 2007, Kristi commented:

    That’s pretty cool! I


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