The Death of Celebration

Tom’s letter on the tsunami in 2005…relevant in light of the recent earthquake in Haiti*

I have had a few months to reflect on the tsunami that killed upwards of 250,000 people in Southeastern Asia . I have heard sermons, read obituaries, and seen images that evoked a range of emotions. I have talked to people that tell me we should celebrate the life of the deceased and not dwell on the death. And I have attended a memorial in the past with this same sentiment. The memorial service was celebrating the life of a former college professor of mine who died prematurely and in ?celebration? the service was held on the beach at one of his favorite surf spots. I suppose this memorial service was intended to be a kind of subtle reminder of the new day we all have as we reflect on another?s death

The Death of Celebration

*Thanks for the reminder Iris, and thank you Tom for writing this letter.

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