Baby Registry redux

With the happy news that we are expecting again, I thought I’d get an early start on the registry process. So once again we have set up an Amazon Registry and a Babies R Us Registry. Granted, we have most of the essentials from when Corbin was born but there are a few items we need to replace or never got but wished we had.

From our experience with Corbin, we know that people will provide us clothes (even if we say not to) so no need to register those kinds of things. What we will need is going to be the daily things like diapers (all sizes) and formula (hopefully not again). What we would like, since you’re asking, is more development toys. We realize that Corbin could have used a few more toys to challenge his body and mind. Usually, when we did get something as a hand-me-down or a gift, it was past that stage in his development – or weight class. For instance, by the time he could ride his rocking horse, he was too big to enjoy it. He had a similar problem with his Exersaucer. While he did enjoy it, he missed out on some of its features – but he did find new ways to enjoy it that weren’t in the manual.

One thing we will have to seriously consider is a BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller. They are not cheap but Corbin may not be big enough to go without a stroller. We will just have to wait and see on how he does between now and then.

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