Thank You All


We’re very excited about our son’s upcoming birth. We’ve been blessed with lots of friends and family who support us with their gifts, advice and time. Having just finished up our last baby shower last weekend, we find ourselves very well prepared for our son’s arrival. Well, as prepared as we can. Babies have a way of being – unpredictable.

So far, aside from the things we bought on Graig’s List – crib, glider and dresser – and the Britax Car seat we picked up yesterday, we’ve pretty much gotten all the essentials plus more than enough bibs and onesies we’ll ever need. Unfortunately, no amount of ‘stuff’ will fully prepare you for the changes that are ahead for you.

Despite our best efforts, we may be a little more irritable or sensitive as our son’s birth draws closer. It’s nothing personal but as we get closer to delivery, people start to offer to help that doesn’t help. For example, we don?t need someone to ?take care of the baby? especially during the first few weeks because that is a very special time for the parents to bond with their child as well as mom adjusting to breastfeeding every 2-3 hours. What new parents need is support around the home?like meals, straightening up, grocery shopping, dishes, laundry?that kind of stuff.

We do want your help and want to share in our excitement of this new life but be patient with us. We’re new at this and just as every child is different, so every parent is different. We have been blessed with friends who have recently had a child (or two or three) so that’s been a big help as well as the birthing classes and plethora of books to read but you never know what it’s like until you get their. I can’t wait.

P.S. we still haven’t picked a name yet, so don’t ask.

3 thoughts on “Thank You All

  1. I think went it comes to offering help and advice to others, we sometimes have this idea of “What worked for me, should also work for you.” But like you said, every child is different, and every parent is different.

  2. Well…you have to start sometime….and the first is a good place to start. We have four. I won’t give you any advice…you’ll have enough people doing that already :-)

  3. The only advice I’ll give is this: Follow your gut instinct. I found it’s nearly always right. You’ll be great parents.

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