Test Results x2

If you’ve been following along, I’m waiting for the results of my latest 2 ARE exams (to become a licensed Architect). It’s a simple Pass/Fail scenario. So I wait for a letter showing a big “P” next to the corresponding test and then jump up and down with unbridled glee (jumping optional). There are nine tests total and I’ve taken five so far with three P’s – hence the joke “I got a ‘P'”. I love getting the puzzled looks from co-workers thinking “too much information”.

So a couple of nights ago, my wife PhotoJulia comes up to me while I’m hanging up some clothes and says “I have a surprise – close your eyes” I’m thinking she has some new toy or scrap booking tool or maybe a tasty piece of Easter chocolate. No such luck. And I really wanted the chocolate.

It turns out she passed her test, too (both of them)


I guess I wasn’t the only one who needed a “P”. After taking the second test in the box – just to make sure – we called to get it confirmed. There was no appointment necessary so the next morning Julia stopped by the “lab” and left a sample. Later that night we called about the results and they confirmed it – we’re pregnant! Unfortunately, the next appointment with a doctor isn’t until May 2nd so we won’t know how far along or anything else until then.

In the mean time, please pray for us and feel free to share your tips and advise. And I’ll apologize up front for turning this site into a baby blog. On the plus side I’m bound to have more cute pictures and funny stories.

13 thoughts on “Test Results x2

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Woohoo, how exciting! Don’t worry about turning it into a “baby blog”, it’s a YOU blog, however life takes you.

    You’re in my prayers.

  2. Congratulations Luke and Julia! Life will never be the same again for you both. BUt it will be a joy…

    You know, the pregnancy tests have sure changed. It used to be just two red lines or one red line.

  3. Hey, congrats. I can tell you from experience (3) there is nothing more sobering than looking at your newborn and realizing you’re responsible for an immortal soul. It’s all good though.


    BTW Interview Questions to follow and thanks for playing along.

  4. Congratulations! And by all means feel free to turn this into a baby blog. So long as you don’t admit doing so, you’ll be fine.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE, LUKE! I’m glad you didn’t do “it” on the Grand Canyon walkway (although that would definitely be a news event). A Christmas Holiday baby, huh? Will probably have some spiritual significance in your child’s life. Anyways, a new adventure begins for you, Julia and the baby (he/she will have to deal with having parents :). God’s richest blessings to you and your family!


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