Stepping Meter

The following is the exact instructions that came with my new “Stepping Meter”

Product Characteristic
Counting the Step

Wearing Instruction
1) When Starting to count the meter, the display show ?00000?
2) Using the clip that behind the unit to fix the stepping meter horizontally.

Operational Manual
1) This stepping meter can only count correctly under the flat plant.
2) Under the following condition, the stepping meter can?t work correctly:

    i) Moon Walking, Wearing Sandal
    ii) When walking in the tricky condition.
    iii) Vibration without walking

3) The stepping meter can be reset by pressing ?reset? button

2 thoughts on “Stepping Meter

  1. At least you got instructions. I’m online trying to figure out how to use the thing. On the positive side, this has been in a drawer for at least seven years and when I hit set, the numbers still came on! At least the battery is good!

  2. I found the exact same stepping meter in a bunch of throw away items in our companies trash the other day. Had the exact same instructions as above (looks like a direct translation from some foreign language.) Thought I would try it. I am a custodian in a large 4 story building and put on a lot of ‘miles’. After getting back to square one, I removed the meter. It read ‘00019’. Directions did not tell how to convert this number nor did it say what the number meant. Anyone know how to convert this number?

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