Spammers be Spamming

Got this from a contact form on one of my sites…

Good Morning, firstly I want to congratulate you for the excellent website you have.    (Thanks, did you even look at it? Because my visitor tracking says you went strait to this page)

I noticed by the content that is not easy to keep constant visits to your site, I also have content sites and know the difficulty we have bringing visitors to our sites, so I guess you should use several methods of dissemination to get visitors to your site    (No, not really. This is a business page and all our traffic is pretty targeted to existing and potential clients)

For this reason, I decided to write this email to submit my email extraction tool from the internet. It is a tool that extracts emails separated by following location (city, state), occupations, or any that you choose to create a campaign that can bring many buyers to your website. Remembering that tool is free to test our site [weirdly misspelled web address removed]   (Oh, OK.  I love scraping the internet for random emails and spamming them to generate traffic.  I'm sure +Google AdSense won't mind)

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4 thoughts on “Spammers be Spamming

  1. I think it is nice that the man came to your site +Luke Shiras and you should feel honored. What a nice gentleman.
    I have a wordpress site and all the pages had the ability to get comments, they commented on every single one in a day, like 25. Was a blast.

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