spammers are adapting

The following message was caught by my amazing comment spam filter (akismet) and I was all ready to mark it not spam (or at least follow the author’s link) but then I was suspicious…

This is the second time I?ve gotten a message, supposedly from this site, stating ?you have a private message?. There is a link inside the email to go and check my messages.

Of course I know better than to click a link inside a strange email. Not wanting to get phished, I ignore the email. Coming here, I see I have no private messages, and the email was probably a fake.

There does not seem to be an administrator on duty here, or I would have asked that person. So, I am posting here, hoping it is seen by someone who can investigate.

thank you

You see, the comment above had around 8-10 links within the comment, many were right after each other. Nobody [in their right mind] would leave that comment with that many links in it – it’s simply bad form. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing since most spam comments are caught but I don’t get a chance to save valid comments that have been false accused of being spam. That’s because I receive about 300 spam comments a day and so I just hit the “delete all” button every day or two. Part of why I’m not bother with the spam is because I take advantage of the blacklist feature in the Akismet plugin. So if I ever missed your comment, i apologize, but try not to use keywords found in most comment spam (insurance, phentemine, p0rn, etc) Oh, and don’t include more than two links.

How’s your comment spam coming? Still getting hit my Spam-libs?

3 thoughts on “spammers are adapting

  1. I must still be way under the spammer radar; I never see that many. A couple dozen is a bad day for me.

    Feeling sorry for you!

    I’m at 17 spam comments just since I published this post 30 minutes ago.

  2. I just check to see if I had any spammers, and I have none. Not only do I have none. But they also tell me that “it must be your lucky day.”

    Speaking of e-mails; Luke did you get that last e-mail I sent you?

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