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Kristi, one of my many, many, loyal readers, had an interesting experience recently which she blogged about.

I started a new, private blog the other day as a diet journal. I have only posted twice to the darn thing. Now, it has been locked and marked as a spam blog. – Spam Blog

I suspect blogger has had to learn to be extra careful since so many spam sites are created this way. i bet if you contacted them, they would free it up right away. After all, a true spammer would just move on but a legit user would complain.

My last blog about Fancast received a comment from someone at FANCAST! How cool is that? I’m thinking her job must be to search for Fancast on the net and track it down.

I think you’re right about them searching the net for their name.
It’s happened a couple of times to me and a friend.

My friend was talking about some new gum that came out and they sent him some for free. I talked about a brand of reusable diapers and the owner offered me and my readers a discount code. My wife posted about a controversial baby book and got a lot of feedback within minutes. It’s called Google Alerts and I use it now to search for stories about sharks and homelessness (sorry, no homeless sharks yet).

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  1. Love the spam sushi! Thanks for the shout out. They still haven’t released my other blog yet but they say they are working on it.

    I gave you an “award”. Check out my blog for the info.

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