Snow go bye-bye

Got this email this morning from my dad…

Last night we went to bed with snow still on the ground in the back
yard and still on the roofs of the houses. This morning we woke up to
high winds and all the snow was gone. Even the snow on “our” mountain
is mostly gone. Unless this new storm coming in brings low snow, we
will not have the white Christmas we were hoping for.

The weather report is that the snow level will be to high for us to
get any new stuff but that is in a way good. That means the pass will
be open and you will be able to get here OK. At least the Big
Mountains, like Big Bear and Mt Baldy will still be white.

Cant wait to see you guys and watch Corbin walking. Love Dad

crosses fingers for fresh snow but we can easily make a trip up to the aforementioned mountains. And I just got snow cables from Sears on Friday.

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