Skywalk on National Geographic Channel

Grand Canyon Skywalk Documentary To Premiere April 2, 2009 At 8 PM ET/PT On The National Geographic Channel. In-Depth Documentary to Feature Exclusive Interviews as well as Never Before Seen Footage of the Construction and Competed Structure

Grand Canyon Skywalk on National Geographic

Grand Canyon West, owned by the Hualapai Tribe, in partnership with National Geographic Channel announces the premiere of the ?making of? documentary revealing never-before-seen footage of the design and construction of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the glass walkway nearly 4000 feet (1200 meters) above the floor of the Grand Canyon in Northwest Arizona. The documentary, Grand Canyon Skywalk, will premiere in high definition exclusively on the National Geographic Channel on April 2, 2009 at 8 PM ET/PT. The documentary will also be shown in the theater inside the Skywalk Visitor Center (once completed) and available for purchase in the gift shop.

?This documentary is a milestone for the Hualapai Nation and its accomplishments and has taken years to complete,? said Wilfred Whatoname Sr., Chairman of the Hualapai Nation. ?We hope that people enjoy seeing how this breathtaking structure came to be and will be inspired to come see it first hand.?

?This documentary is truly one of a kind. It explores for the first time the most intimate details of one of the most daring engineering accomplishments in modern history and reveals a remarkable cultural story of a small Native American tribe?s struggle to secure an independent future,? said Steve Burns, Executive Vice President of Content for the National Geographic Channel.

The hour long special, produced by KAOS Entertainment for National Geographic Channel, is an in-depth documentary focusing on the technical aspects of the Grand Canyon Skywalk which will feature the design and construction from start to finish. Much of the footage that will be used to create the program has never been seen by the public, making this documentary the first and only true behind the scenes look at one of the world?s most unique structures and engineering marvels. The documentary also includes exclusive interviews with the people that made the Skywalk possible including David Jin (Founder of Grand Canyon Skywalk, LLC) and Wilfred Whatoname Sr. (Chairman of the Hualapai Nation), as well as the project?s engineers and architects.

For a sneak preview of the show, visit:

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  1. Had to go back to your earlier pictures to see that it doesn’t really go that far across the canyon. (How’d you get a media pass?)

    You seem to follow this topic a lot – any particular reason?

  2. @Adonis, it started out as simply trying to debunk the email rumor about this amazing Skywalk that was proposed. I quickly discovered that it was actually going to be built, so I started blogging about it just so people could find the facts about it. You know, stats, source, timeline, etc. Eventually I was invited to the ‘First Walk’ Ceremony. I didn’t originally plan to go, but Julia and I made a mini vacation out of it. And now we have Corbin to show for it :)

    @Debby, thanks. Did Julia return that book to you? I didn’t see you guys on Sunday so I wasn’t sure.

  3. Nice of them to recognize you. I wasn’t sure if you had a hand in it somehow, or were just someone with an avid interest.

    It’s a nice idea, but I’m glad it doesn’t go all the way across – that would be pretty distracting.

    And now we have Corbin to show for it :)

    A bit of nudge, nudge, wink, wink on the trip?

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    Since it ‘locks’ after someone else posts, I’m not sure why it couldn’t be indefinite otherwise… (or at least 99min, if nobody else ever does comment)

  5. It shouldn’t lock after someone comments but 3 minutes was the default. Since the last two times this “issue” came up, it was a 10 min difference, I think I will extend it.

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