Single greatest quote of all year

… and his ministers a flame of fire: Stop asking me

The problem is not that there’s too much conservatism: it’s that there’s a lot of unfounded, flabby conservatism running around with plastic fishes attached to it rather than a robust, young, and dangerous conservatism riding around on the fat, noisy Harley which is the Gospel.

’nuff said.

1 thought on “Single greatest quote of all year

  1. I’m not sure how you could award ‘Greatest Quote of All Year’ in early March – unless you mean ‘so far this year’

    Semantics aside, I generally agree with the quote – as much as I have no clue about “conservatism”.

    A small ornament on a car or a 3:16 sign at a sporting even is hardly knowing/saying/doing much about Scripture.

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