Shopping for Corbin


A while back Corbin had a play date with Stasi and we finally got the pictures from that day. It was a gloomy day so Iris (Stasi’s sitter) and Julia took to the kids to PlayTown in El Cajon. Owned and operated by local parents, Play Town is an indoor playground designed for children ages 6 and under. They offer Open Play, Classes, as well as totally private weekend Birthday Parties! The play area is specifically designed for children ages 6 and under.

They have a large bouncer, ride-on roller coasters, ride-on cars, push toys, balance beam, slides, soft play area, Thomas the Tank Engine train table, air hockey, and more! Parents and caregivers can relax and socialize in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment while children enjoy physical activity and imaginative play! Our toys are cleaned and sanitized daily with natural non-toxic (and chemical free) cleaning products. Your child’s safety and security is important to us. Our entry/exit gate is monitored by both our staff and security cameras.

Here are a couple of highlights from the day. Also, with Corbin becoming more active/mobile, I think we’ll be looking for a playhouse for Grandma’s yard soon.

4 thoughts on “Shopping for Corbin

  1. They have a large bouncer,

    Really? Is that to enforce the “totally private weekend Birthday Parties!”? XD

    Corbin looks slightly distressed (stuck?) in the title picture. :o

  2. The bouncer can be seen in the middle photo (click to expand). As for Corbin’s distressed look, I would too. Then again, he made that face a lot back then.

  3. The bouncer can be seen in the middle photo

    The guy in the orange? I don’t how well he’d work out for security.

    Or is it the lady in red escorting him out?


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