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It’s Christmas time so many of us are doing our holiday shopping. If you’re like me, you’ll do a lot of that shopping online. That’s why I created The Company Store. It’s a portal to the Amazon site but by following my link, I’ll get a referral fee for every purchase. You get the gifts you want and help support my site all at the same time. So follow the link to The Company Store and bookmark it for future purchases. And thank you for your support.

Here’s a preview to get you started.

3 thoughts on “Shop the Company Store

  1. That is a good idea. I have not shopped on line. Sirdar has done a very little, we ordered our stove on line. I hope your venture it very successful for you.

  2. Speaking of gifts, I still have something to send to you and Julia. However, since the days are going by quicker than you can say “Ho Ho Ho”, it is something that you will receive now after Christmas. Perhaps we will call it your New Year’s gift.

  3. As Dawn said…I don’t buy that much online but I have bought some things online…like software and of course the stove. Good luck on the shopping site thing.

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