I am officially jealous. There’s a new movie out that sounds awesome and I so wish it had been me who made this film. Of course, If I had made it, it wouldn’t be worth watching. So I guess the world makes sense again.

The animal we fear the most is the one we can?t live without?-so the movie begins. Right away we enter into Rob Stewart?s world of sharks, and his obvious love affair with the species. It is actually hard to be critical of the film in the sense that you feel you are treading on Stewart?s very sacred ground. This project has clearly been a focused passion since he was eight years old, and his telling of this story is infused with his intensity and his obvious love for the animal.

Sharkwater review

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    Not quite related, but the link shows up as “Rod Stewart” instead of the guy involved with this production.

  2. @ DinkyInky: The link is automated by so I don’t create the underlined links. But if you follow one of my amazon links and buy something (anything) I get a referral fee of about 4% (hint, hint). I’ll see if I can tweak it. Usually, I just make my own link when that happens.

    @ Sirdar: The movie just opened Nov. 2nd so it may be a while before it’s on DVD for rent.

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