When Penguins Attack

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Description: Defend the human race against the onslaught of evil penguins – Place towers in the path of the advancing penguins to keep them from reaching the other side.


* Upgrade as much as possible.
* Build complex paths using tower placements.
* Keep your best (most expensive) towers with range of the enemies flight paths.
* Large numbers of cheap towers can be as effective as fewer expensive towers.

25 thoughts on “When Penguins Attack

  1. Pretty easy game, once you follow the rules above.

    I like using lots of cheap towers for the main routing, and expensive towers along the flight plan (as above) AND at the chokepoints (corners and U’s) AND in the 2nd row – as the have longer range.

    Unfortunately, the game also bases your score on how much money you have LEFT. :(

  2. I first thought that wasn’t a fair measure of scoring but the more efficiently you win the game, the higher your score. I thought there should be a time bonus (per wave) but this method is good enough.

    One trick you could use to bump your score is to sell off the “extra” towers near the end that have been dormant the second half of the round.

  3. Not unfair, but I would have liked to know about it ahead of time.

    I play more with completing as a goal than high score – since there’s always someone with more free time and obsessive compulsiveness…

  4. What I dislike is how I can knock off a couple of levels over lunch at work, then have to do it all over again at home – even when it recognizes me as a site member (read miniclip.com)

  5. @ Jasper, I’ve done it after the game ends in victory. You can see your money go up as you sell items. Only problem with my method is you can’t select the towers behind the end of game message.

  6. The trick is to start by narrowing the exits so that the penguins bottle neck and you can focus your attacks on less penguins. Then start to add towers such that you create a long winding path for the penguins to navigate. Kind of like creating a canyon where you pick them off one at a time.

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