Thing Thing Arena 3

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White Screen?
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2) Try clearing out your browser cache and then going to the game you?re having trouble with and clicking on the REFRESH button in your browser.

Shoot your way through countless enemies, but this time, do it with style!

Game Controls:
WASD Keys to Move
Left Click to Shoot
Shift Key to Run
Change Weapon E Key or Mouse Wheeel
R Key to Reload
Spacebar to Pickup Weapon

70 thoughts on “Thing Thing Arena 3

    1. This game is fun , but I think there could have been more game modes like the zombie survival on thing thing arena 2.I agree with you and I did see your high score.

  1. I also wanted to say this game is really easy.I could probably make a highscore on it 2.

  2. if you make your avatar all a skeleton you cant change his body back and his hands get really glitchy. pleez change thiss

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