Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion Pack now available!

We’re at last proud to present Bloons Tower Defense 4. BTD4 features improved graphics, loads of new and original tower types and tons of upgrades for each tower type. Heaps of tracks, save games, career mode, sandbox mode and apopalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you almost unlimited replay value. Also included is optional MochiCoins premium content featuring lots of extra tracks and special booster upgrades like double boomerangs, exploding darts, and double cash!

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  • At 8:08 am on March 18, 2011, Greg Woods commented:

    chicken nuggets ay everbody

  • At 10:31 am on March 25, 2011, zack commented:

    Get good. im on 175 and counting on my iphone SUK IT

  • At 6:36 am on April 12, 2011, zak commented:

    this site is awesome. this is the only website that is not blocked in my school

  • At 5:51 pm on September 9, 2013, chase commented:


  • At 3:27 pm on April 25, 2011, Dylan Smith commented:

    Who thinks that they can beat me at Bloons Tower Defence 4?

  • At 10:08 am on April 27, 2011, little man commented:

    i think i can

  • At 2:35 pm on April 27, 2011, Dylan Smith commented:

    what is the farthest level that you got to

  • At 10:24 am on May 4, 2011, M.L.S. commented:

    i love this game but i think this game needs a little more tweaking to be a great game so i hope they come out with a btd5 and make it even better then this one

  • At 9:57 am on May 9, 2011, Arby n the Chief commented:

    my roflcopter goes sososososososososososososo

  • At 11:57 am on May 28, 2011, zach commented:

    this game is awsome

  • At 11:58 am on June 3, 2011, corey commented:

    this game is so addicting and fun!!!!!!!!

  • At 7:56 am on June 14, 2011, liam commented:

    you’re cool archshrk ^^

  • At 8:28 am on June 14, 2011, archshrk commented:

    Thanks, but I think the above statement is proof enough you may need psychiatric help. I’m about as far away from cool as Lady Gaga is from boring. :-)

  • At 8:35 am on June 14, 2011, liam commented:

    T.T sorry

  • At 8:37 am on June 14, 2011, liam commented:

    archshrk you should add toss the turtle its awsome

  • At 8:50 am on June 15, 2011, archshrk commented:

    I’m so uncool I had to look up the meaning of “T.T”
    now I’m sad [goes to sit in corner]

  • At 2:20 pm on June 15, 2011, jordan ogno commented:

    ccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll GAME

  • At 3:25 pm on July 12, 2011, kbjbeh commented:

    dude what has happened too the fast foward we have to click and hold

  • At 1:25 pm on July 14, 2011, archshrk commented:

    Must be a glitch. I only have to toggle it on and off.

  • At 9:39 am on August 16, 2011, Leroy2000 commented:

    This is the most addicting game in the world i almost died because i couldn’t play for two weeks because i was grounded

  • At 3:55 pm on October 2, 2011, taffy commented:

    i have all of the bloons apps and i want more! cant wait for btd5 it is coming late october or early november. was going to come out may 7th, but there were difficulties.

  • At 3:57 pm on October 2, 2011, taffy commented:

    why were you grunded?

  • At 6:15 am on October 9, 2011, Leroy Woof commented:

    This game is totally awsome and addicting i can’t stop playing it I might die playing it

  • At 5:06 am on October 15, 2011, ian commented:

    i have leaked a balloon on level 1

  • At 5:39 am on October 21, 2011, zack mattox commented:

    i know how to get around the worry of teachers blocking game sites

  • At 5:14 pm on December 5, 2011, death commented:


  • At 3:42 pm on November 15, 2011, themonsterfat commented:

    the game wont let me Login :(

  • At 2:40 pm on November 30, 2011, tony commented:

    how did you get the game (this one specificly) on your site?

  • At 11:51 am on December 20, 2011, Ace commented:

    Hey you know you should be trying to get BTD5

  • At 9:32 am on January 4, 2012, Shish kebab commented:

    Aghhh!!! the game dont work

  • At 8:52 am on January 9, 2012, chad commented:

    i loveee this game so much. its amazing..its the funnest game i have ever played.

  • At 6:25 pm on January 9, 2012, alex commented:


  • At 1:58 pm on January 19, 2012, Redwolf (DinoRun :D ) commented:

    Add Bloons TD 5! A New BTD came out and its BTD5!

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