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  1. I would have to say, nice website here, but i may suggest that some of the ads that I see on here could get this site blocked if a teacher happens to see one while an unsuspecting child uses this site. Also, anybody know one of those bypass websites that havent been blocked yet? there used to be coldmud.info but lightspeed systems or whatever system my school uses has blocked it.

    1. Only because most teachers out there are nutty, like one teacher got mad at us for playing paradise paintball because she though they were real guns. They need to get out of the eighties XD

    1. Sorry, that’s not really my niche. It’s a little too “dated” and doesn’t have enough mass appeal. If I’m going to risk being blocked, I want to make it worth while. But thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Bloons tower defense 5 should be added to this site because this is the only site that my school hasnt blocked and me and my 8 friends play this game every morning so we would greatly appreciate it if you could add this game.

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