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      1. Yeah!!!! We need Bloon Tower Defense 5!!!!!! All the websites that have it are blocked at school, so please put Blood Tower Defense 5 on your website so we can actually enjoy school.

          1. awww man. that stinks. you guys still rock. there is a game called shadez that s pretty cool if u could get tht. thank you guys for everything u do.

            1. Looking at their code, they are simply hotlinking the NinjaKiwi file on their site. This won’t help since the file would still be blocked by most schools. I’m not sure how Zayplay is getting it to work even with the hotlink since the NinjaKiwi file checks to see if it’s on NinjaKiwi or not before playing. I’ll dig deeper and see if there’s a solution that works here.

  1. What games do you want? I have a lot to choose from, but some of the games currently here are not that popular. I want to be very selective so I don’t get blocked.

    1. all the games on armor games because u cannot play armor games fom my school but can go on here and all of my school goes on this website thx!

      1. That wouldn’t work because he would get blocked in like a week. Plus armor games would probbably shut down this site.

      1. yeh you should ged epic battle fantasy 3 and the legend of the void series and the sonny series and the sinjid series and strike force heros and both raze games

    2. there is one game called “rebuild” and its a stragety game, u shouldnt get blocked with that game bc theres not hardly any violence ur trying to win ur city back from the zombies, its either on armor games or addiccting games, should be in the “stragety” category.

    3. hey bro can you get a game called mud and blood thats my fave its pretty addictive and I think alot of people will like it

  2. It is hard for someone to choose one game in your case, and I appreciate your response quickly. I am a fan of RPG games, and have been going to Armorgames, in search of more. The ones I’ve found are fun to play, and quite entertaining, however, they are easy to play, and one game I was able to beat the same day I started playing. There’s a difficulty in finding a game challenging in the RPG area. I do like Steambirds and found that game very likeable, yet, beat that one as well. I’m not sure exactly, if I had answered your question, but personally RPG games are the best. Thanks for your response Archshrk.

  3. You should add Knight Elite, a new RPG game that’s very fun. Also, the SAS Zombie Assault 2 expansion is fun. Planet Noevo is a new game that came out recently that is very fun. Also, I would appreciate it if you could make it so we can log into our Mochigames accounts on this site, I can’t go on them during school and I’d like to use my Mochigames bonuses. Thanks.

  4. @archsrhk gamer, In order for games to work, i have to host them (otherwise their still blocked). The physicsgames link simply embeds their game into my site. I can get Demolition City 1 but not 2 (not yet).

    @Josh, I’ll see which ones I can add. If the the Mochigames site is blocked, I can’t do anything to get around that. Sorry, but I think I can add a couple of the games you requested.

    @person and Marcus, I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Hey, it’s Josh again. Thanks for adding my requested games! Sucks that you can’t do anything about the mochigames thing =/. Ah well, another game you should add is Mastermind World Conqueror. Thanks, and great website!

  6. cAn yOU Add dUmmY nEvEr fAIls plEAsE? I hAvE sEEn thAt It Is A vErY pOpUlAr gAmE And wOUld lOvE tO sEE It AddEd tO yOUr sItE. thAnks.

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