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First, let me introduce my new web site. It will be a site were people in the San Diego area who are involved in homeless ministries can get local information, links to resources and have productive discussions (via I just started the site so it needs a lot of work (and content) but I’m very excited about what it could become. Please check it out and let me know if you experience any problems with the site or forum. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them as I could really use some help building the site’s content.Second, we were really blessed a couple of weeks ago when we had 10 and 1/2 people working in the kitchen 9 of which were able to go out and serve. I think that’s the biggest turnout we’ve ever had (not counting the Denver Crew’s visit). We were also blessed in that we had two mini vans to use that night so we didn’t have to travel in a small caravan of cars. More importantly, we were able to have good long talks with the people we met and we got to see the potential of this ministry when it grows.Personally, I’ve been very pleased with the conversations I’ve been having on the streets these past few weeks. I’m still relatively new at this “sharing the gospel” stuff and haven’t been very confident in my efforts. I’ve questioned my ability to accurately address the issues that affect those I’m talking with and didn’t want to be one of those people who use scripture to advance my own agenda instead of God’s glory. But these past few weeks have been very possitive for me, not becuase of the results I’ve achieved (God did all the work) but because I hear and see myself speaking more boldly and being focused on the issues on people’s hearts. I’m also encouraged becuase I do see the Holy Spirit working on individuals. Some are responding to our discussions but many are getting fed (or were fed) spiritually somewhere else and we represent the accountablility and fellowship in their lives that every Christian needs. More on this in my next post.Finally, I invite anyone who is interested in serving in a ministry or just wants to see what it is we do to please join us any Thursday night at the Kaleo Church kitchen at 6:30pm. You can help prepare the food, distribute the Burritos and socks or just drop blankets, socks, water or other supplies off for us to use in the ministry. You can even do all three if you want (hint, hint) Whatever way you want to help, we would be glad to have you participate. You can even just tag-a-long if your too shy to do any of it, but still want to be involved. Email me at for more information or visit for directions.

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