Secrets of the Da Vinci Code – Revealed

Secrets of the Da Vinci Code – Revealed

The movie’s BORING!

Journalists gave the eagerly awaited film “The Da Vinci Code” a cool reception at its first press screening on Tuesday, a day ahead of the world premiere of the adaptation of Dan Brown’s controversial novel.

The release of the big-budget Hollywood thriller has already prompted a wave of protests from Christians across the world who believe the theories put forward in the novel are blasphemous.

The outcry from religious groups in India, the Philippines, South Korea and the United States among others has made the film one of the most controversial releases since Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004.

The Vatican has led the offensive against The Da Vinci Code, calling for a boycott and even unspecified legal action against both the book and film.

While the protests have provided studio Sony Pictures with the kind of publicity money can’t buy, the reaction at the first press screening in Cannes was largely negative, and loud laughter broke out at one of the pivotal scenes.

“Nothing really works. It’s not suspenseful. It’s not romantic. It’s certainly not fun,” said Stephen Schaefer of the Boston Herald.

“It seems like you’re in there forever. And you’re conscious of how hard everybody’s working to try to make sense of something that basically perhaps is unfilmable.”

Once I heard that the studio wasn’t providing advanced screenings, I knew the jig was up. They tried to paint it as perserving the mystery but when a movie doesn’t do advance screenings it usually means that they don’t want the bad reviews to get out before opening weekend – when it’s too late for most movie goers to pick a diferent movie.

10 thoughts on “Secrets of the Da Vinci Code – Revealed

  1. Is it time to start waiting in line yet? I hope not, it isn’t raining and without Deep Suffering …

  2. we were hoping to see it friday but cannot after all. i think tom hanks is the WRONG person for this role so i’m going in skeptical. the guy playing silas though is a favorite of mine and i am not going to be thrilled to see him in such a nasty part.

  3. I haven’t been following this but I’m interested in seeing Audrey Tautou’s performance. I’ve seen her in “Amélie” and “He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not”

  4. How did one of the Jedi Knights end up in the movie? He looks like Anakin as he was transforming into his evil stage in ‘Revenge of the Sith.’

  5. Hi there..I’m here from Michele tonight. I never read the book and I probsbly will eventually see the movie…I know almost nothing about it cause I haven’t read the book, so for me, it will ALL be new.

  6. michele sent me.

    i am looking forward to the movie. i enjoyed the book. i agree with your previous commentor, that i am skeptical of Tom Hanks in the role, i saw more Nick Cage from National Treasure really in my head when i read it.

    i dont understand the bruhaha. its a NOVEL. it says so on the cover. its not meant as a documentary, it never claims to be anything other than a novel. im Catholic, i wasnt offended. it amazes me that religious groups and whole nations even think that people will be swayed away from their faith by a movie. perhaps harry potter movies will make me a witch then?

  7. I still want to see it eventually. I love Tatou and I know I probably won\’t read the book, but I would like to know what all the fuss is about.

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