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September 18, 2004


So I eat at Rubio’s a lot these days. That’s not such a big deal (unless you’re watching what you eat) Now Rubio’s is a fine restaurant. I like their food well enough and it’s not as ‘junky’ as some other places. I like their fish tacos and also the Burrito Especial (the combo comes with a fish taco, yum) But usually, I just get the Kids’ Meal. I opt for the bean and cheese burrito with rice for my side item (included) It comes with a tiny drink, mini churro and a kid’s toy. I put the rice inside the burrito and it’s a great meal for around $3.80.

Here’s the problem…my real name is Luke (shut up!) but whenever I place my order and give my name (they call you by name) I suddenly become luck or just luc. Now when they call my name it’s said like Luke, so no big deal. But I hate that they get confused on such a simple name. So I try to be creative and pick a name I think they can get but still know it’s me they are calling. Today I was planning on being HENRY but messed up and said JOSE instead. No problem, they can’t possibly mess up Jose, it’s a common Mexican name, like bob was to your grandfather’s time. Well guess what…yup, I suddenly became Joce…JOCE! What is up with that?

So here’s my plan. I’m going to use different names from now on and see how they butcher it. Each time, I’ll post what the receipt says so you can guess what I told them and then tell you what they actually called out. Sounds fun? Let’s give it a try.

BTW – they have good food so give ’em a try, too. Thanks.

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    Klyad, your order is ready

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to Rubio’s and even longer since I’ve given them a faux name but this one really takes the cake.

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