Organisers of THE ROLLING STONES’ upcoming performance at Detroit’s Super Bowl have been forced to lift a controversial ban against audience members over the age of 45.

Initially ageing fans were told they would be refused entry to the field and dance area during the concert because the US National Football Team deemed the show too strenuous for older attendees.

But when critics insisted the decision meant the rockers, who boast a combined age of 246, were too old for their own show, officials were forced to revoke the ban.

The area immediately before the stage is reserved for 2000 rock volunteers who will be asked to sing and boogie for the TV cameras.

NFL spokesman BRIAN McCARTHY says, “We wanted to open it up.”



  1. rofl! Good one! I’ll get clobbered for this, but I’ve NEVER been a Stones fan. And after seeing them at half-time today really makes me wish they would just pack it in. Enough already!

  2. Cute! I’m with Lisa: I’ve never really been able to get into the Stones. I know I’m a heretic, and I’ll be banned forever from the music appreciation club. But I can’t refute fate

  3. Three for three. Hearing the Stones is like – well, you ever play that venerable computer game known as Hack, aka Rogue? In it you find (among other things) scrolls to read, potions to quaff. Often the result is: “Nothing happens.” That’s the Stones for me.

  4. I like the Stones, and I’m thinking of going to their next Chicago concert, if only because I haven’t heard them play since (deep breath) 1969.

    Hello, Michelle sent me!

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