Verizon customers (like me) have a cool feature called ringbacks. Basically, instead of hearing the muffled sound of a phone ringing, callers get to listen to songs and other pre-recorded messages while they wait for you to answer. Pretty cool I thought. I have several ringbacks including They Might Be Giants, Styx, Sufjan Stevens, and Jiminy Glick. I even have one from the Doors but if I could add one more ringback, it would be this song.

2 thoughts on “Ringbacks

  1. Does Verizon require you to repurchase stuff like ringbacks after some period of time? Sprint plays that game; ringbacks have a 90-day “license.” When time expires you either buy it again or lose it.

    I don’t like ’em *that* much. Greedy twits.

    Your Verizon monkeys may vary of course.

  2. OK, I’ll go with you on the “cool” assessment, IF your ringback isn’t “I like big butts,” as was a particular phone I was forced to call for work purposes last week. Yikes.

    (And I was honestly confused the first time I ever heard one; I didn’t know what they were called and I thought it was hold music. Which, in a sense, it is, but I thought I had miss-dialed!)

    (And also: I LOVE Shark Week.)

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