Revolution in Orange

bob revolution in orange

Since we’re on the topic of baby gear, I thought I’d take a moment to share why we chose the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller.

There are a lot of choices you have to make when preparing for the joy of a new child in your life and the gear you choose can make things easier or they can make things harder. Choosing a stroller is one of the decisions you want to get right the first time. Many of the reviews we’ve read involve parents who thought they were saving money buy getting an economy stroller. What they discovered was that the cheap strollers were just that – cheap. They didn’t hold their child well, were flimsy and wobbly, or simply were too big to fit in their trunks.

So your first question is probably “Why Orange?”

In a world where everything starts to look alike, the orange stroller seems to be a good way to quickly identify your stroller in a crowd. Another reason is that the orange Bob Revolutions are actually more popular and will mean a higher resale value should we need to sell it. Why might we need to sell it? Let’s just say that several families in our church have had to get a double stroller because the second child arrived before the first one was done with the stroller. Must be the water.


Now your probably thinking, “Hey, I’ve met you. There’s no way you’re going jogging. So why do you want a Jogging Stroller?” While it is true that I only run after the ice cream truck, a jogging stroller isn’t just for jogging.

The BOB Revolution Stroller is different from previous jogging strollers you’ve seen because it features a pivoting front wheel. That makes it maneuverable like a traditional stroller but with the over-sized wheels necessary for navigating the poorly kept roads, sidewalks and parking lots found in big cities across the country. Plus, have you seen me drive? Look out!

By now you’re wondering “why do I even bother reading this stuff?” but in case you’re still curious, you may also wonder “Why the BOB and not a Phil & Teds which converts to a double stroller or the Expedition which is half the price?”


Phil and Ted's in orange

Actually, the Phil & Teds is a very good stroller and has a lot of the same features as the BOB with a few minor differences. Primarily, the size of the canopy. The BOB Revolution canopy extends farther out then the P&T which means more shading for our child. As for the Expedition…see discussion on ‘cheap strollers’ above. My main problem with the Expedition, is that it doesn’t fold very flat. The BOB gets to be 15.1in thin with the wheels on and 10.3in thin with the wheels off (which is easy to do).

Key Features: Front wheel swivels for unmatched maneuverability. Lockout mode for jogging. Fast, compact and simple folding system, shock absorber suspension system with three inches of travel (wheel movement), padded shoulder harness for added comfort, red plastic pull rings for easy harness adjustments. Weight: 23.6lbs (10.7kg) Capacity: 70lbs (32kg)

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  1. Love the stroller. It’s what I would get, should the occasion arise. You just did all my research. Enjoy using it soon!

    archshrk replies: REI carries it locally, you know, if you’re in the market. ;)

    Also, there are lots of cool accessories like wind screens and rain screens that are perfect for wilderness outings.

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