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June 7, 2011

Random Shirts beat Random Crap

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to score another Bag of Crap (#5) from woot.com and it lived up to its name. That same week, I order three Random Shirts from Shirt.Woot.com for the bargain price of $6.66 each (and none of them were satanic). I already have enough shirts from woot so this time I order them in Corbin’s size.

Corbin already has a woot shirt from a previous BoC in K8 which is a little large for him so I ordered these in K4. Unfortunately I had second thoughts about the size and tried to change it but it was too late. Luckily, they fit nicely, they just don’t have much room to grow – lucky for Benjamin since K4 is the smallest shirt available.

A few days later, I was notified that I could get another shirt free for participating on the deals.woot site last month (unrelated to my previous order). This was a specific shirt specifically made for th occasion, specifically. I ordered this one in K6 so I could determine what the best size for Corbin would be – for next time. Plus this allows for a stepped hand-me-down system of shirts to Benjamin. I’ll post pictures of Corbin in his new shirts once they all arrive.

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