RaJ’s test for comment spambots

Recently, Raj posted about his experience with crafty spambots who leave comments on your posts in hopes of getting more traffic to their wesites. Historically, these comments have been pretty generic with such comments as “free online casino” and “hot asian models” much like you’d find in your inbox, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot and delete them. Then they got more clever and began leaving comments that sounded valid like “your site is really cool” and “I am agreeable to your point of view! I hope to make feiends with you!” but if you followed their links – well, let’s just say most office filters would block you. But recently, RaJ and I have been seing some suspcious commens on our sites. So in an effort to determine legitimacy, RaJ has posted a test on his site in an effort to “make contact” with suspected spammer. If contact is made, then they aren’t a spambot. Until then, their comment waits in limbo.

I’ve been getting similar comments recently regarding my haunted car commercial. They look legit but I suspect foul play. Simply because two different commentors (with the same email) on two different days posted virtually the same comment…

unknown wrote: OMG! I was at a sleepover with 32 girls that are very loud and at like 2 in the morning we watched this. We were awake for the rest of the night


Brodway dancer wrote: OMG!!! I watched this at 2 in the morning with 32 screaming girls in 1 room so we sceamed bloody murder. Holly crap was all we could say!!!

So here’s the deal. When the first one came, I approved it becasue there were no links in the comment nor was there a link to the commentor’s website (some people don’t have websites-shocking, I know) but when the second comment came for moderation and the url was the same http://? ans so was the email address kllanning@e.mail.address, that’s when my spidey senses were tingling.

So like RaJ, I too offer up a test to validate my commentor(s). What shark is know for breaching?

Need a hint?

2 thoughts on “RaJ’s test for comment spambots

  1. Um. The White Shark? So your “hint” was more like an “answer,” which now makes me feel a little bit like a cheater. But pretty much I’m good with that. And hey, I’m pseudo-new around these parts, so I hope I don’t sound too much like an idiot, but are you fond of sharks? Or maybe not so much “fond” as “interested in” ? I wanted to be a marine biologist until I read Faulkner and decided I should drink and write my life away. Just kidding about the drinking part. Mostly. ; )

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