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Amazon has added a plethora of new widgets to add to your website. My favorite, is the Quick Linker Widget.

After you install this widget to your blog or Web Page, you can quickly and easily link to relevant Amazon.com products as you write your blog posts or update your page content by including custom HTML tags as you type. Your Quick Links will have your Associates ID automatically included. Learn more

All I can say is “ABOUT TIME!” This is one feature I’ve longed for in the Amazon Associates program for a long time. In fact, this is easier than I envisioned it working. The simple-to-use web interface for building and implementing a widget is at http://widgets.amazon.com, and can also be found through Associates Central.
I love this item

2 thoughts on “Quick Linker from Amazon

  1. Thanks for this. Where do you paste the code that Amazon generates for this? It says to paste it in a blog post, but that can’t be right can it?

  2. The widget code needs to be somewhere on your site. I place it in my footer so it shows up on every page. But this is an outdated method. You can now generate a link from the amazon page you’re looking at via Site Stripe.

    The Site Stripe feature allows you to create links to your favorite products and pages on the Amazon.com site so you can update your website more frequently and with fewer clicks.

    Plus there are plugins for WordPress that will add your affiliate ID to any amazon links on your blog.

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