In this day of email, on-line forums, chatrooms and text messages, it’s very surprising that despite “writing” more we are typically writing worse. Take for example the numurous times someone has used the wrong “their” (there, they’re) or type a sentence that was missing half the words needed to make any sense. I accept that there are some words that are easy to mis-use. Its vs. it’s too vs. to but not two (stupid morons) and even I will in-haste mis-type “the” into “hte” but will fix it if I catch it. Now for one of my favorite word games. What does the following statement mean to you?


Are you offended? Should you be offended?

One thought on “Punctuation

  1. Ah, punctuation. It’s like the tongue described in the 3rd chapter of James: a rudder, or a small flame. What large ships do turn, what raging fires set ablaze.

    My fingers seem to prefer “teh.”

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