Prayers for Wendy

Wendy‘s been in the hospital this past week with high temperatures and just a generally bad reaction to the latest round of chemo. It’s been unseasonably hot and the A/C at the hospital is not working and her mum was putting in long hours sponging off Wendy to try and keep her cool. She said Wendy should be back home sometime this week and they’re all encouraged by the prayers everyone’s been sending their way.

I would like to add that Wendy’s mum (June) and dad are elderly people and it must be absolutely hellish for them to be going through this with their only daughter and youngest child, especially as they lost one of their sons (though not to cancer) some years back, so I’m asking for extra prayers for Wendy’s parents as well as Wendy

Thanks, Nancy Jean (in Seattle)

3 thoughts on “Prayers for Wendy

  1. Thanks for pointing out Wendy’s site. I need to get back when I have more time to poke around further.

    BTW, I finally got you listed on my sidebar which I’ve been intending to do forever. I apologize for the delay and responding to your award. It has been way too busy around here of late and my blog time has been significantly reduced.


  2. Aw, thanks man. It’s always nice to be added to someone’s sidebar. A lot of my regular reads are taking it slow lately so don’t feel pressured to update on my account. We blog for ourselves, not for others. Once you get back into the internet of things, I think you’ll really enjoy Wendy’s blog. Lots of Gospel-centered observations and a bit of quirky wit to boot.

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