Prayer for Persephannie

Hello prayer chain warriors, A gal that I used to work with sent this e-mail to everyone at my work and I would like to ask that everyone would be praying for this family. God Bless, PhotoJulia

Hi everyone. Late last night I received some very sad news… roommate Deborah was in a horrible car accident this weekend that claimed the life of her daughter Persephannie. Her 2-yr old son Alix was ejected from the car and both he and Deb suffer from injuries. They were released from the hospital yesterday. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. If anyone has any information on fund raising or charities for families in need, please let me know 619-254-8082. Deb is having a real hard time gathering the money for Persephannie’s funeral. L I would like to help her in anyway that I can, I can’t even imagine what she is going through!! Pass this on to anyone that you feel can help in this time of need!! Thank you everyone, love you, take care.

-Melissa Hernandez

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