Poll About Heaven – revisited

I thought I’d bring back the Poll about Heaven now that I have more visitors. Speaking of visitors, I’ve been getting a lot of hits from CSUN (Cal. State University of Northridge) and was hoping you would introduce yourself.

And now for some tough questions about heaven…

a. What Is the New Jerusalem?
b. What will the City Be Like?
c. Will We Be Ourselves?
d. What Will Our Bodies be like?
e. Will We Be Capable of Sinning?
f. Will We Know and Learn?
g. Will We Want Relationships with Anyone Except God?
h. Will There Be Marriage, Families, and Friendships?

What shocked me most in preparing for this study is the lack of scholarly work and in-depth discussion on the topic of Heaven. I suppose that I expected to find multiple works devoted to the topic that went beyond the few pages mentioned in systematic theology textbooks. Unfortunately, to my surprise, there is little said about Heaven in comparison to other popular topics.

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