Pictures of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

There are a lot of visitors to my site that may not be aware of the fact that I went to the Grand Canyon Skywalk when it first opened back in March of 2007. While it has gotten some bad reviews, you can still see pictures I took before the camera ban was in place. And since updating my site recently, I realized that a lot of the pictures found in my gallery don’t really need to be there.


There are some great pictures of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and some that just repeat what another shot shows better. So I’ll be going through the gallery and removing the superfluous pictures to give you a more stream lined gallery. Now this is where you, my loyal readers, com in. Some pictures will be easy to cut and some will be easy to keep. But there are going to be a great many that are somewhere in between. So if you’re bored, and you must be to be visiting my site at this time of the day/night, then please take a moment to rate your favorite pictures. Simply follow the link to the Grand Canyon Skywalk Pictures and in the lower right-hand corner, select detail view (vs summary). Then simply click on the appropriate star rating for each picture. Note that there is a little glitch which seems to not show star ratings (or votes) within the gallery but, rest assured, they are being counted. You can also coment on any photo’s you like (or dislike)

2 thoughts on “Pictures of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

  1. They are all lovely pictures, but I am quite sure I wouldn’t be able to walk the Sky Walk!
    Just looking at it gave me vertigo!
    I wish you the very best for your new baby.
    (Michele sent me)

  2. Hi there,
    These photo’s are amazing!! I have seen a pic or two from when they were building this walk thing, or it may have been when they had finished it… But either way, it looks amazing!

    What is it like to be on it? Is it scary being ‘suspended’ over the top of the Canyon??

    Thanks for stopping by a short time ago, we will post a photo of the finished item when it is done…

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