Pi Day

pi pie

I’m not obsessed with pie, I just find certain “holidays” interesting. So do the folks over at woot.com.

9 Ways We’ll Be Celebrating Pi Day

1. Trying to arrange a 3.1415926535897932385some
2. Dressing up like Archimedes to hand out protractors to local children
3. Proving that ?r2 by ordering a Sicilian pizza
4. Finalizing our plans to move against Caesar
5. Calculating the circumferences of our naughty bits
6. Reassuring e and c that they?re special too
7. Exposing the lie of Judeo-British ?mathematics? and the global calculator-smuggling conspiracy masterminded by the Bilderbergers, Queen Elizabeth II, and TV?s Gerald McRaney (Major Dad, Jericho)
8. Irresponsibly rounding up to four
9. Really seriously considering going back to get our GED

More about Pi Day ? The official web site for Pi Day, March 14th

One thought on “Pi Day

  1. 8. Irresponsibly rounding up to four

    Now that’s just uncalled for! :< And quite a bit worse than rounding down to 3.0

    I might order a pizza though…

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