Phaking Phone Number

July 8, 2009 7 By archshrk

OK, that should read faking phone numbers but where’s the fun in that? Besides, if they can make up phone numbers, can’t I make up words.

With the housing crisis going on, there are people out there who will use this opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty and fear that envelopes us. For example, I’ve been getting unsolicited calls from places offering me mortgage modifications. I know this because I let their calls go to voice mail where a potion of a pre-recorded message is taking up space in my inbox.

I haven’t bothered to listen to the whole message since I’m fairly certain it’s a scam but just in case you’re wondering, the number they used most recently was 1 151 793 12478. That’s right, they called from one of those new fangled 12 digit phone numbers. And how do they do this, you ask. Simple, they just use VOIP and enter whatever number they want. This is very common with off-shore companies that call you from say, the Caribbean and then charge you $30/min.

Update: Observant reader Scott noticed the number is also 517-931-2478 with a couple of extra long distance prefix 1’s. I’ve gotten both numbers so far.

Update #2: Helpful reader Alyssa offered this tip for Verizon users. Thanks, Alyssa