Pc or Mac?

The question was asked over at MichelleAgnew.com and I thought it was a really good question. So…
PC or MAC? Why?

PC – Many reasons, mostly that MACs didn’t have the software I needed. MACs can do most of what I want now but I like to “tinker” on my machines and you can’t do that with MACs. I was into gaming so that did and still does play a big role but also, mere cost is and was an issue. But I will admit that with my wife’s increasing interest in digital photography, our next computer will probably be a MAC. My friend uses both and finds the relationship very good.

2 thoughts on “Pc or Mac?

  1. Hi there! I’m visiting from MIchele’s today (coincidentally). I’m a PC girl myself and since misery loves company, I’m thrilled to see your results. The way my friends talk you’d think Mac ruled the world.

  2. I used to be a PC devotee. I was about as anti-Mac as one could be. Contempt prior to investigation was more like it. Like you, I used to tinker on my machines constantly. In fact, I built m=y last 10 or so PCs myself.

    Then my dad gave me his old iBook G3. I started to play around with it and as my PCs would go down from time to time – as PCs are known to do – my Mac was up and running. Maybe it’s because I didn’t open it up and make it better, but I believe it’s the nature of the environment we operate in becoming more and more hostile. The PC was and is far more vulnerable than the Mac. I got tired of constantly defending against the hack du jure and eventually the Mac won.

    I am proud to say today that I am an END USER.

    Michele sent me,


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