July 12, 2012

Corbin's been working for the railroad

Our neighbor recently took a couple of short trips and thought it would be a good idea for someone to get her mail and newspaper while she was away.  Luckily for Corbin, she thought he was just the man for the job.  Lucky because this was a paying gig.

So after earning a small fortune (in child dollars) he used that money to purchase a much loved Lego style train from the California Railroad Museum.  And when I say Lego style, I mean Lego bricks without the Lego branding.  All of the pieces are available from Lego so much so that I could probably build a replica from pieces we already own.

Based on his satisfaction, I looked online for more figuring I could get a better price online than at the gift shop but after shipping the price is about the same.  In fact, online is slightly more but not everyone lives near the Train Museum.

Amazon – goo.gl/5cV4Y


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Just having some fun with pixlr-o-matic


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July 11, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Wrong numbers are funny enough on their own but Google Voice transcripts just make it better (or worse)

Hello Ms. Moran, Good afternoon, This is a reseller, Mom deleted from Miami that you have done our year afternoon so I’m sorry. I’m still yay for an appointment with you when I can call me decently. What up so we are tomorrow. What time could you give me a call back to you. Bye bye.

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May 20, 2012

My little goonies watching Goonies.

My little goonies watching Goonies.

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May 18, 2012

Google Music and Meta Data

I just relabeled 68 songs as Queen Greatest Hits but only 17 were suppose to change. The problem is that when doing a search in Google Music, it will give you more results then it should. For example Sweet Dreams are made of these by the Eurythmics is clearly not by Queen but because they both were labeled "Greatest Hits" Google Music lumped them together. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until after changing the album's meta data.

Once your songs are uploaded to Google Music, they're not easy to edit, so you'll want to get your metadata into shape before you start. Getting your album covers and data in order ahead of time will save you the headache of doing it once it's in the cloud.

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Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape
Most of us have spent years building up our digital music libraries, along with tons of missing, mismatched, and incorrect tags on your music over that time.

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Too Cheesy

More fun pictures of Benjamin (also lacking a great caption)

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Corbin took this photo of Benjamin about a year ago

I want to caption it with something witty or profound but nothing comes to mind. So I'm just going to share it as is. maybe something will come to me later.

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