‘Open’ Christianity kills me

So I saw this (finally) on my good friend Sam’s site, Gospel Prisim and just had to share this. So many of the popular shows (even one’s I like) tend to have or promote very anti-Christian values. I once watched an episode of Cold Case that centered on a man who murdered some pro-choice activists before abortion was legal. What disturbed me was how they didn’t just made them victims but made them martyrs. Even more, they painted them as heroes of “the cause“. Now I understand that not everyone thinks killing children is wrong but this was just too much. It wasn’t about allowing abortion so much about encouraging abortion.

Cold Case

Anyway, watch this great clip from ER that demonstrates how ‘Open’ Christianity can’t answer the tough questions. BTW – Sam got it from Justin Taylor, who got it from Trevin Wax (in case you’re wondering)

2 thoughts on “‘Open’ Christianity kills me

  1. That is some pretty awesome acting to along with the message. It seems there are messages all over the place in support of traditional Christian views, new age
    Christian views, other religious views and anti religious views. We have to filter the messages. I think it has always been that way, but with different technology it becomes more apparent.

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