Only you can prevent forest fires

When playing Minecraft, be careful which trees you set on fire…

I thought I had enough clearance around my tree before setting it on fire, but I guess I was wrong. Luckily it didn’t burn down the entire island – just half. There are more trees behind me but you get the idea. Have you ever tried to stop the spread of fire in Minecraft? You have to chop down any fuel sources before they catch on fire. And just like in real life, fire moves faster than your ax. Here, let me show you…

BTW – never build with wood, just ask the second little pig.

One thought on “Only you can prevent forest fires

  1. Since the update with Biomes I’ve found the forest sections a lot thicker. Which is really great, except in the case above.

    Even then I usually plant a bunch of trees around my house entrance or in an underground arboretum anyway.

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